Tuesday, May 22, 2012


***Below is a little girl who has just been posted on Reeces Rainbow.com. She is absolutely precious but the orphanage director has asked someone visiting another child in the orphanage to help find her a home as she will be transferred very soon!! Don't let this happen to this little girl. Her needs seem relatively mild and it would be horrible to have her transferred to an institution. Because her transfer is close, a PAPER READY family would be ideal. She is in Russia. Also, I just love another little girl found on RR and turns out they are in the same orphanage. She is listed below Marena. Please pray Church!

Marena 15H

She was born in February 2008
Brown eyes
Black hair
The nature of communicative
Marena has a crossed eye (surgery is required) and Cerebral Palsy (surgically corrected and not really noticeable).
Look how beautiful she is!  Marena is simply adorable, very energetic, curious, likes to communicate. She walks, runs, jumps and loves active play.
She has siblings but it has been confirmed that she is available for international adoption alone.

From a family who met her in May 2012:
I was asked by the orphanage administration if there is any possibility to find a family for Marena, as she is scheduled to be transferred very very soon. It will be such a tragedy for a child (she has been living there since her birth)!  I hope that maybe we can find a paper-ready family and she would be saved soon. 
$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Kacey 15H

Guardian Angel 1hz0v-15
Girl, born November, 2008
Sociable nature
Kacey has Apert Syndrome

Such a blessing to have a new photo, isn’t she gorgeous?
From an adoptive family who met her in August 2011:  She is very active despite her limitations with feet and hands- she kept up with the whole bunch. Very determined, a bit shy.
From an adoptive family who  met her in November 2011: Every day she’d walk up to me and say, “Mama?”  It broke my heart to tell her no.  She’s due for another surgery soon (presumably on her skull).  Her hands and feet look really good; she showed me all her scars.
More pictures available.  Single mons welcome.  This is a great region to adopt from, with little in country travel.  We have had many successful adoptions here, with a fabulous agency partner!
$2896.61 is available towards the cost of my adoption

Temperance 15H

She was born in July 2011
Blue Eyes
Dark hair
The nature of a quiet, observant
Achondroplasia (dwarfism)
The child is calm, smiley, with good appetite and no problems with sleeping.
Additional pictures available.
$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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Anonymous said...

Martha, I think you and Mike need to go get Marena!! Nana

Liz Z said...

I know this post is from years ago but I am in search of Kacey. I just want to know if she has been adopted. Do you know which baby house she had been at? I am hoping if I start there I can find her. I wish I knew if she ever found a home. I'd adopt her myself if it weren't for the ban.

babyarnie said...

Hi! Just seeing this. No I don't :( But.. have you checked Reeces Rainbow? That is where she was listed. If you search fb and ask to join the fb group, there are some ladies in there that can search the database and post the updated pics of the kids caught in the ban every year. Hope that helps!