Thursday, May 17, 2012


              *Love* this old house-it's going to be burned :(
  Noah had to have his hat & shades like his Dat!
A NASCAR hopeful posing with my babies at Krispy Kreme
Total randomness today. We've been winding down Laurel's therapies, only about 2 weeks left. Next week we go to visit her classroom & teacher who will teach her special needs class starting in Sept. She's excited! Last year I would have NEVER considered putting her in a classroom but she's grown up so much. Her implant surgery is in June and I think that the preschool setting will help her so much. She'll get her therapies in that setting as well. Noah is just reading away and enjoying all that has to offer. I'll start figuring out his curriculum for Kindergarten pretty soon. I can't believe he's starting school!

In other news, Laurel found a turtle in the driveway yesterday and we watched it awhile. We figured out that she was laying eggs. Now, being that she put the nest in the middle of the driveway, we decided to move the nest. We got to digging and found 9 eggs! We "replanted" them and hope to see some baby turtles. So, that's all for now!

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