Thursday, December 6, 2012



Noah fell asleep looking @ all the trains he wants Santa to bring him :)

This is how Laurel sleeps

I have so many cool pictures I'd love to share with you all from what we've been doing the last few weeks but I fear the Flu has found us! Mike came down with it yesterday and spent all day in bed. This morning, Noah awoke to throwing up & a high fever. Laurel & I are the last hold outs.....and I'm feeling a bit weird. Oh well.

Noah & Laurel were both in Christmas play last weekend. It was fabulous and the kids were adorable (of course) :)
We then went to the Christmas train close to where my Grandma lives. Love Love Love it! They make it truly about the birth of Christ and it is simple yet beautiful. Great pictures! 

However, until we can surface from the sickness I won't be able to download all my pics. Hopefully in a few days.

God is good! He is in control of even the yuckiest of times! Praise Him!

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