Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm coming to you totally out of my element here. I have friends and family that can move people to action by writing eloquent words. I have no such words. However, I can share my heart with you.
This is "Ella" (name changed for protection). Ella is an orphan in the Philippines. My friend Nikki and her family are ministering to visually impaired orphans ( and the orphanage staff brought this beautiful 5 yr. old girl to them and begged them to find her some hearing aids. Ella is very hearing impaired but her testing  has shown that hearing aids will help her. 
Now here is where you & I come in. They have no hearing aids. They are way too expensive! BUT GOD!!!!! Through some wonderful people who have helped my daughter Laurel hear, they are able to help me get a set of hearing aids for $800. My friends apart from them being free (that would be nice too) :) that is amazing. Hearing aids are well over $4000! Amazing? Yes! Do I believe all this is of God? YES!! I very clearly received a nudging from Him that I was to advocate to make this child's life better. You see, to be an orphan is tough enough. They have very little prospect for the future with no money, no life skills, no family and little education but can you imagine all of this stacked against you AND YOU CAN'T HEAR??

After seeing how much hearing aids helped our daughter and seeing her blossom and be able to carry on meaningful relationships I cannot imagine denying another child this.

Will YOU help? I know it's the worst possible season to ask for money! Believe me, I get it. But I do feel I must ask. All money raised will go directly into a paypal account created for Ella. I have created a Chip In on the side of this blog. You can donate very easily that way, or, if you'd rather, and you know me personally, you can give the money to me and it will be deposited to the account. The money is not tax deductable. The money will go DIRECTLY to the organization that will order the hearing aids.
What a great Christmas present for a child who deserves a chance at life. Will you help?

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