Saturday, December 15, 2012

To Decorate..

My FAVORITE ornament. Mike made this years ago for me as a joke...... "Satan Claus" I had a teacher in high school that really called Santa this!

Have I mentioned I LOVE having a fireplace?

The yearly tradition of the making of the Gingerbread Train

Noah's newest "thing". He goes to bed in a different hat every night :)

Glad I don't believe in Omen's. This was outside my door today!
Merry Christmas! We are all decorated but haven't finished shopping. Being sick for a week really through a kink in things! However, we've been having a wonderful time doing some fun things with the babies & reading Christmas books every night. Laurel plays with her manger scene everyday and sings "Away in a Manger" while she does it. I'm so amazed to watch her go from a little child who knew nothing (and heard nothing) to a little girl who loves Jesus and knows what Christmas is all about!
Noah is looking forward to having a break from school. Thursday he had a mini meltdown because he couldn't write the word "beef". He put his head on the desk and cried... "Oh No, now I'll NEVER be the President"! :)
Gee I sure hope not... I can think of no worse job :)

Anyway, more to come when I can get to my other computer for pictures. Enjoy your children!

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