Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I literally have no words and for those of you who know me, know that doesn't happen often (or ever) :) I stand in awe of our God, the Father to the Fatherless. I stand in awe of my church family & other wonderful friends. I stand in awe of some of you that I have NEVER MET who would give to a child that you have NEVER SEEN! Truly God is good. In 2 short days, YOU have raised that money to help Ella get a set of hearing aids. Because of your generosity and the generosity of people stepping out in faith by presenting Ella's needs, sticking their neck out to get discounts & giving their time, ELLA WILL HEAR. She will hear laughter, she will hear her friends, and more importantly I pray she will one day be able to hear the Gospel of Christ.!

I rejoice today friends!  In the tough times we live in with all of the bad news in the world, Goodwill towards men is not gone!! God has not forgotten the plight of the orphan. Thank you all for partnering with me to help this precious child! Visit my friend Nikki's blog @ to see more of these precious children and maybe help support this family and their care of the orphan.

I will update you on the progress of her hearing aids. Hopefully, they will be hand delivered to her orphanage in mid January!! WHAT AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS PRESENT YOU HAVE GIVEN HER! God bless you!

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WANTED said...

My heart is soaring! How great and faithful our father is! What a miracle to watch His children giving so willingly to one sweet, beautiful orphan across the world... I'm in awe,too! Thank you for being her voice and His hands!