Monday, March 11, 2013

Farm Tour 2013

Playing in the Soybean Meal @ SnowCreekFarms

Learning about AgriTourism @ a Hunting Lodge/Shooting Range

Seeing How Soybeans, Sunflowers & Rape Seeds are turned into meal and Oils
Pretty Neat Stuff!

Laurel watching the cows being milked on the carousel @ Galliher Dairy....she didn't want to leave!

Touring the Purina Fertilizer Plant.. seeing how fertilizers are made and blended.
Who knew?

Cheap Entertainment

Baby Duncan had enough!!

Laurel & Daddy on the wagon @ Lazy 5 Ranch... feeding the animals

She was right at home

Watching how the yogurt drinks, FRUSH, are made. So good!!

Everyone had a taste and loved it!

More Dairy Cows

Seeing how the dairy works

Can u ever see too many pics of baby cows?

Laurel thought he had hearing aids! :)

I was on a roll :)

Rachael & John convinced us to go on a farm tour with them and Farm Bureau this past weekend. We toured about 8 farms in Iredell County, Statesville to be exact, in 2 days...whew!! We had a blast! We saw a stocker operation (beef cattle),  a very hi tech Dairy operation with a milking carousel (the cows love riding it:), a Hunting lodge/shooting range, the Southern States Fertilizer plant (who knew? it was so neat but DUSTY), Lazy 5 Ranch (think petting zoo on steroids), a yogurt factory (where Front Porch ice cream and FRUSH drinkable yogurt is made)**awesome** and another smaller but beautiful dairy farm. I may have forgotten a few in there somewhere.

The farmers were so hospitable and willing to share their ideas on how to make your farm work with today's challenges. They were all family run next generation businesses who had adapted to challenges but were doing great....with ALOT of hard work.

The kids did much better than I expected and throw in the getting up early and the time change, I thought they did fantastic. It's also awesome that for the last 3 weeks, Noah has been doing a study on Farm Life and different farm animals. Score 1 for the homeschool mom. Anyway, I think I could say.... "A good time was had by all" :) Thanks for checking in!!

Oh, and want to hear something absolutely amazing?? Remember the little boy "Kurt" that so many of you gave money towards to help find a mommy & daddy? Well, last week he just went up on the Reeces Rainbow My Family Found me page ( !!!! Somebody picked him to be their son!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I'm not sure who yet, but if I find out their blog I'll let you know. Thanks to you readers (and NANA) Kurt's account went from $230 to $830. I tell you, Hands and Feet of Christ!

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