Friday, March 15, 2013

Hosting an Orphan

 "D" is open, outgoing, kind and nice. This sweet little boy likes to draw and to play soccer and ping pong. If future he will want to become a fireman and to rescue people.
He likes to watch TV, and his favorite movie is “101 Dalmatians”. If he goes to the US he wants to try American ice-cream. He also likes to eat candies and ice-cream.
He is a good friend and he has many friends. ...
He is average student but he is working hard with his home work.
He will like to help and to do different activities.
From our own impression we think that he is a positive and very happy boy.

 She is mature girl and she is a good student. Zoya has an easy going character. She knows some English.
She likes cats, loves to eat fruit, and wants to go swimming this summer.
Her favorite movie is historical movie Roxolana. ...
She likes to work with computer. Also she is fond of birds and embroidery.
At school her favorite subjects are Russian language and biology.
She wants to go to the US and to spend time with a family.
If she has some money she will like to buy a cell phone.

He is a great child with an open heart. He is also very responsible. He was helping us to invite other children for their interview from their class rooms.
He is an average student. His favorite lessons are PE and crafts. ...
He enjoys sports and when he has some free time he likes to play sports and computer games.
In future he wants to become a builder.
He wants to go to the US and to see what family life is. If he comes to the US he wants to see the Statue of Liberty.
He likes animals and his favorite animal is lynx. He will like to see this animal in the zoo while in the U.S.
ANYONE INTERESTED IN HOSTING AN ORPHAN FROM **U** (Same country as Laurel is from) over the summer?? It would change a child's life! Mike & I have been to the meeting and it is a great group of people. Marina's Kids is the organization and these orphans will be hosted in NC. There are about 19 girls and boys who need to be hosted this year. Some are available for adoption, some are not, and this will just be a great trip to show them outside of the orphanage walls and to share the love of Christ to them....most for the first time ever.

Costs are very reasonable. If you are unable to host and want to provide a grant for a child to come over that would we SO WELCOMED as well!! Contact me @ with questions or John (NC region director @ 919 538-0811)

                 No pressure. Just a fun summer. You are not committing to adopt by hosting.

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